Sputtering and Carbon Thread Coater

Sputtering and Carbon Thread Coater

Posted Date: November 15, 2012


EM Sample Preparation Coating

In collaboration with renowned scientists working in the field of Electron Microscopy, Leica Microsystems has developed a new Coater line:

The brand new Leica EM ACE200 and Leica EM ACE600 ONE TOUCH COATING systems with an amazingly small foot-print. 

All your coating needs can be covered. Fully automated!

Leica EM ACE200 and Leica EM ACE600

The Leica EM ACE600 is a High Vacuum Coater for FE-SEM and TEM analysis offering various options of high vacuum coating to fulfill your coating applications for the best imaging of your sample.

The table top instrument with 3 triple axis motorized stage can be configured with up to two of the following  coating methods.

  • Sputtering
  • Carbon thread evaporation
  • Carbon Rod evaporation  (with option for Thermal Resistance Evaporation)
  • E-beam evaporation 
  • Glow discharge

Additionally, the special cryo adaptation of the LeicaEM VCT100 offers Cryo-Coating, Freeze-Fracture, Double-Replica, Freeze Drying and environmental transfer. 

The Leica EM ACE200 is a quick and intuitive  Sputter and Carbon Thread Coater and can be delivered – adapted to your applications – for the following coating methods: 

  • Sputter Coating
  • Carbon Thread evaporation 
  • Interchangeable Sputter Coating and  Carbon Thread evaporation
  • Glow Discharge