About us

About us

Histocenter Thailand Co., Ltd Business activities are centered on providing technology solutions for the scientific and medical community in addition to tailoring specific needs to the diagnostic and industrial sectors with our versatile line of products and accessories. Our core business in include total solution for Microscopy solutions, Digital Imaging Hardware and Software solutions, Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation, Laboratory Consumables, Analytical products & apparatus.

Our broad customer base in the public and private sectors includes all hospitals and medical centres, universities and academic institutions, research institutions, independent laboratories, veterinary services, colleges and educational institutes, various government ministries, departments, agencies, and industrial sectors throughout the whole of Thailand.

Our sales and marketing team prospect does not stop on just selling but to provide innovative solutions by looking into our client’s requirement in which to help them to identify their needs before a proper solution can be proposed to assist our client to achieve the best possible results. Other than our professional evaluation approach, we are consistently and routinely in our client’s establishment to further provide routine after-sales services. In addition, we also routinely organize seminars and workshops catering to current and future clients on all subjects ranging from helping them to further understand their needs, maximizing their product potential, to share knowledge of the latest product and application solution available.


Of Course, we are not just a vendor of products as we also support our customers with LIFETIME technical support covering the service and repair of instruments with genuine spare parts, provision of warranty and preventive maintenance support. Unlike others, we do not outsource jobs to third party companies because we are one genuine source with no middleman commissions. Our Service department aims to deliver time definite, totally reliable, effective and efficient services. Our reputation far exceed proven because we do not simply replace the parts, but we can repair far more extensive damage than anyone in the industry simply because all our qualified engineers are continuously attending training courses certified by our principals.

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